Polyester Strapping

Polyester Strapping

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  • Polyester strapping is ideal for all your heavier duty applications as it is twice as strong as polypropylene strapping.
  • Polyester strapping is used with polyester strapping tools serrated seals or in automatic strapping machines
  • Polyester Strapping
  • Cores Sizes 406mm & Plastic Reel

Please select the quantities you require, all prices are excluding VAT.

Size Core Size Break Strength
Price Per Coil
1 to 11 12 to 23 24+
12mm x 0.70mm x 2,000mts 406mm 350kg
£68.14 £65.20 £61.28
12mm x 0.85mm x 1,800mts 406mm 360kg
£65.94 £63.36 £59.66
15.5mm x 0.85mm x 1,500mts 406mm 550kg
£57.09 £52.74 £49.13
19mm x 0.80mm x 1,200mts 406mm 660kg
£68.53 £65.11 £59.89
12mm x 0.80mm x 1,00mts Plastic Reel Black 390kg
£34.15 £31.76 £29.85
15.5mm x 0.70mm x 1,200mts Plastic Reel 440kg
£49.62 £47.66 £44.67

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